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Sticky Roller 4" White


  • Material: 0.05mm PE film
  • Adhesive Type: Water soluble acrylic ester
  • Size: 4’
  • Color: White
  • Layer/meter: 100layers/18m
  • Inner/outer diameter: 38.5mm*53.5mm
  • Application: clean rooms, laboratories, semi-conductor industries, instrumentation, aerospace and nuclear industries, Surgical rooms, medical device, pharmaceutical and any other dust free environment.

₱ 40.00

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Minimum order quantity(moq): 100rolls


  • made by non-invasive adhesive
  • perforated at regular intervals for easy peel and dispose
  • Each disposition will provide a new adhesive surface for the next use.
  • The sticky roller is mainly use in the clean room environments. It’s soft surface texture ensures the removal of the contaminants or leaving traces and scratch free to the surface of desktop, equipment panels and etc..
  • The sticky roller eliminates the need to clean via wiping, mopping or even sweeping of floors and general areas.